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Albert has been a graphic designer for 16 years. Lived in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1975.
He has worked for a website company at the beginning of his career. Worked for Dance Vision 2000-2016. Over this time frame brochures, many ads, catalogs, CD & DVD labels, email ads, social media ads, audio enhancement and DVD authoring have been professionally produced. A well organized individual at work.

Currently I am honing my skills with Wordpress.

I do offer hosting for the websites that I develop and help the client create the website they want.

What I do

What I can do for you

Graphic design

16 years as a graphic designer
- PC and Mac capable
Has knowledge of
- Adobe Creative Suite
- Quark Xpress
- 3d capable: 3ds Max, Swift 3d and Photoshop 3d
- Learning Cinema 4D & Keyshot

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Video Editing

Professional video editor
- Photo scanning & Video Editing
- Adobe Premiere & iMovie
- Picking up Final Cut Pro X & Motion 5

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Audio Editing

Your audio shall be clean.
- Learning Logic Pro X & Reason.

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Photoshop Master

Albert has many skills. See them in the portfolio.


Video Editor

Arranges, cross-fades and prepares for web & DVD in Premiere Pro.


Audio Editor

Cleans audio in Adobe Audition.


What I have done

Video Gallery

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